Stamplay wins Hy! Berlin and opens a public beta

It’s not every day that you go to an event that takes place inside a pool. Literally! But I guess that in Berlin is not so strange to be in places that once served another scope. So, why not use pools to organize events? Just keep them dry 😉

Everyone in the pool for Hy! Berlin, the most significant German event dedicated to startups, that this weekend showcased 8 accelerators and 24 startups from all around Europe, including Seedcamp and Stamplay. With a novelty: this time accelerators had to make a pitch like the startups.

It was great. Stamplay won the event, while Seedcamp finished second behind Hub:Raum, that was playing at home.

Foto di Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media (cc/by)

Giuliano dominated the stage as usual:

This week we have also opened the public beta. Now it is time to start a new phase to observe, study and understand how our users will use Stamplay, what applications they will create, what will ask. It will be exciting and fun 🙂

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