I can teach you to think different

I love helping people to grow, change and improve their skills to be better professionals. In the last 20 years I’ve been doing keynotes, public talks and workshops with audiences up to 1,000 people. Since 2015, I’m a lecturer at the School of Management of Roma Tre University where I teach digital products design. I’m the founder of the Innovation School of Rome.

I don’t like long static lectures and prefer to have at least 3 hours to do a workshop with practical exercises. Most of the times, my workshops last 2 or 3 days and are customized to meet the innovation challenges of the client.

You can hire me if you need to learn to think different about the following topics related to innovation:


Experimental marketing

Experimental marketing is an original framework that unifies methods, tools and best practices from disciplines that are successfully used to ideate, prototype, market and grow products. While many gurus will try to convince you that any company must adopt a startup mindset (whatever it means) or that marketers need to learn to code, I prefer a more pragmatic approach that can be adopted also by complex organizations, where marketing activities are distributed across different departments and are partially outsourced.


Open Innovation

Open innovation is a very popular buzzword and today it seems to be the solution to all the problems of large and small companies. Most consultants will propose you their own version of open innovation based on what they can do and what they think they can sell you (a startup challenge? a hackathon? a workshop with colored post-its? a branded meeting room in a co-working? You name it). Since I don’t sell open innovation services, I can be honest with you and we can work together to select the most appropriate tools to tackle your innovation challenges.


Artificial intelligence

The expression “artificial intelligence” contains a very large number of technologies that evolve very quickly and therefore have a variable degree of maturation and reliability. I’ve designed a 4-hour workshop to explain managers what kind of artificial intelligence they can use to automate business processes.



Seriously. I can teach you to make gelato. I love it and I will show you how to design a new taste starting from a spreadsheet, mixing and icing few simple ingredients. And, if you want to learn how to make bread, pizza or even panettone, I can engage my wife Patrizia, AKA Mamma Fornaia 🙂