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Hi, I'm Nicola Mattina.
I'm a designer, entrepreneur and investor.

Nicola Mattina

Heads up!

Since the beginning of 2021, I moved to Substack. You can find all my writings here: An Innovator’s Sketchbook

DRD4-7R. The Wonderlust Gene

According to a very common myth in our society, people are against novelties and change. The truth is that people do not like the changes they perceive as too dangerous. In the absence of risk, human nature makes us instinctively attracted to both novelty and change. Leonard Mlodinov discuss these

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Why I’m not teaching the Lean Startup anymore

In the last twenty years, a plethora of models and tools have emerged whose aim is to help innovators to design, develop and distribute a new product while minimizing the risk of failure. Among these: IDEO’s Design Thinking, the Job-to-be-Done theory by Tony Ulwick and Clayton Christensen, Steve Blank’s Customer

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The Innovation School of Rome will train 1.000 innovators in 5 years

In the last ten years, I have designed, organized, managed or supported many initiatives to promote the birth and development of new innovative companies. From TIM Working Capital to Microsoft BizSpark, from Appcampus (a joint venture between Microsoft and Nokia) to the Founder Institute. Moreover, I was a mentor for

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Building a chatbot with Stamplay and IBM Watson: lesson learned

In recent months, my company Stamplay worked together with IBM to create a chatbot for a small town in Tuscany, Poggio a Caiano. The initiative was promoted by the vice-mayor Francesco Pugelli, IBM provided its natural language processing and conversation management technology, while the Stamplay team used our platform to develop

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Some quick notes on food and innovation

I’m passionate about food, and I’m doing some thinking on innovation in this sector. It is a very exciting space and I believe that there are many opportunities to innovate and to change things for the better.

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