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Le Web London 2012: rassegna del primo giorno

Segnalo alcuni articoli e post apparsi oggi sulla prima giornata di LeWeb:

LeWeb London 2012: The social media stream
«LeWeb is a special place for Memeburn. The site was founded at one of the previous events in Paris — the very first few lines of code and the initial design was put together during the conference. Memeburn’s own Michelle Atagana is in London for the UK version of the event.»

Google Just Disrupted The Conference Business With Hangouts On Air
«In the future, I can see a conference with, say, 1,000 people physically at the venue, and 10,000 or more participating via watching the live video streams and the subsequent recordings, all the while adding their comments, questions and perspectives via Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Salesforce Chatter, whatever means are at hand that let you be part of the conversation and share your thoughts with others online.»

Google+ enterprise version and Flipboard integration on the way, says exec
«Google has high hopes for its Google+ social network in the enterprise, with a more corporate-friendly version on the way as the company continues to slowly open up the API to more third parties with Flipboard the latest addition to that effort, a company executive said Tuesday at the LeWeb conference in London.»

Pebble Technology predicts more Kickstarter crowdfunding for gadgets
«Pebble raised just under $10.3m on Kickstarter earlier in 2012 from nearly 69,000 backers, having initially sought only $100k. Its success has sparked similar ambitions among other startups and inventors.»

Evernote By The Numbers: 34M Users, 1.4M Paying, And The Relative Merits Of Different Platforms
«He said that the company now has 34 million users overall across all platforms — mobile and web — with the number of paying users now at 1.4 million: that’s a significant rise on the 25 million overall and 1 million paying users Evernote last reported as recently as May, when it announced its $70 million round.»

Crushpath Changes the Sales Software Game by Delivering an Actionable Play-by-Play of a Deal as It Happens
«Crushpath, the new way for salespeople to control a deal from lead to close, launched on stage at LeWeb London today and announced a $2 million seed round of funding led by Charles River Ventures.»

LeWeb 2012: UK Government Welcomes Tech ‘Arms Race’
«The technology “arms race” being carried out by nations across the world is something the UK welcomes, according to a senior advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron. At the opening session of LeWeb conference being held in Westminster today, Rohan Silva, senior policy advisor to Downing Street, said it was a “great arms race” that the UK wanted to win, with the Silicon Roundabout area at the centre of its tech arsenal.»