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kompany (Luca Sartoni) è tra le startup selezionate il palco di The Next Web Conference

C’è anche Luca Sartoni con la sua kompany nella lista delle startup che parteciperanno a The Next Web Conference il prossimo 25 e 26 aprile ad Amestardam. Questa è la lista completa delle startup che saliranno sul palco. In bocca al lupo al Luca e a tutto il team di kompany 🙂

  • kompany empowers professionals with easy access to international business background information.
  • Drippler helps mobile users make the most of their smartphones and tablets.
  • Guide turns your favourite online news and blogs into videos.
  • Hubskip, always the best price for your flight. Even after the price drops.
  • Infogr.am is a web-based infographic creator for making, publishing and discovering illustrated data.
  • Itembase enables you to build the digital collection of your belongings.
  • Monolith turns consumers into shoppers and shoppers into customers.
  • Marfeel automatically converts any web page into the best reading experience ever.
  • Nine Connections helps you discover shareable content that increases audience engagement, by predicting what people will see and share next.
  • Nutrino is the world’s first personal virtual nutritionist. Nutrino creates a personalized dietary plan that is tailored to your personal needs and preferences – your goals, medical profile, and culture.
  • PeerReach tries to make sense out of the world we call social media by analysing, ranking and labelling people and their public messages.
  • Powered Now is a business admin platform for field service companies (electricians, builders, plumbers, although anyone could use it), making it easy to quote, bill and manage your clients and most importantly get paid – fast!
  • Sush.io is Raw Data Made Fresh. The tailored SAP+BO experience for you, today’s entrepreneurs.
  • Swipe is the world’s simplest, most beautiful presentation tool. The focus lies on the experience of presenting, bringing real-time interactive slideshows to any screen, anywhere in the world.
  • Tyba: Re-imagining the way young talent and companies interact.
  • Zeppelin helps executives understand how their company is performing and see what is going on across their team from a single place.