Research and Development

Over the years I have studied various topics related to digital technologies trying to answer questions like: how are they used by people? what can be improved? what are the opportunities? what are the consequences?

The method I generally use to understand is to ideate new products, services, and systems to investigate what could be imagined and designed. Developing concepts and prototypes is a great way to tell and share what you could do with an idea, how far you could go with an intuition and what shape it could take.

On this page, you can find some presentations and documents with ideas and concepts.

2012-Present: Training Innovators and Entrepreneurs

In the last 20 years, academics and professionals have developed many theories, methods, and processes that aim to make the process of designing and marketing new products and services less risky and more predictable. For an aspiring entrepreneur, it is not always easy to get oriented. For this reason, an important part of my research over the last few years has been to create a framework that is easy and fast to learn. [more]

2017: Artificial Intelligence for Business

Most managers and entrepreneurs do not have a clear idea of the fields of application of artificial intelligence. In 2017, I organized various workshops to help them have a better understanding of the¬†concrete opportunities for integrating artificial intelligence into a company’s business processes. [more]

2017: Urban Roots

In 2017, I decided to study urban agriculture with the objective to determine if there could be any relevant business opportunity. I think that growing vegetables in the cities is a good idea: under the right circumstances, it is possible to reduce wastes and to eliminate pesticides and herbicides. At the same time, urban farms bring people together and nurture social cohesion. [more]

2016: Food Cloud

With the growth of the world population, the sustainable production of healthy and good food will become a fundamental factor for the development and well-being of human societies. Food Cloud explores the idea that food can be produced like web applications: using a shared infrastructure. [more]