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Stamplay wins the Facebook Hacknight in Rome

Last week, Stamplay won the hacknight organized by Facebook in collaboration with Ezecute and LUISS Enlabs in Rome. Among the mentors and the jury members: Luca Colombo, country manager in Italy, Daniele Bernardi, solution engineer, Andrea Lai, PMD program.

During the night, the engineering team Stamplay (Giuliano, Alessandro, Mirko, Cristian and Claudio) have developed two new modules for our platform by integrating the Facebook Insights API and Facebook Advertising API. Objective: to allow social media managers who produce content for Facebook pages to promote posts buying automatically advertising.

Our demo analyzes insights for a single status in real time, automatically creates a campaign and buys advertising dynamically based on the performance of the post. For example: «promote the post if the engagement falls below a certain percentage» or «stop promoting the post if the viral growth is higher than a certain percentage», and so on.

Here, there is a screenshot of the setting page:

The hack that we have developed in a few hours is a prototype that shows the potential of our platform: the integration implemented during the hacknight helps social media managers to improve the performance and life cycle of a status posted on a Facebook page and to collaborate with the advertising manager in the promotion of content produced by the brand. This is an activity that today is done manually or is not done because it is difficult to coordinate. Thanks to Stamplay, it is possible to eliminate frictions and to optimize the workflow.

Stamplay has entered Seedcamp in September: the first two months of the program have allowed us to make our business model more robust and ambitious. The substantial contributions of Carlos Eduardo Espinal and Philipp Moehring, the Seedcamp Academy with Saul Klein of Index Ventures have helped us to position our solution more effectively. In two months, in addition to going forward with the development of the software, we did a lot of testing with potential customers and revolutionized our communication. And we are ready to help marketing people to automate workflows, streamline processes, collaborate with other business functions and with suppliers, improve the return on investment in communication.

We are going online with our brand new website in the next days. Meanwhile, check this deck: